Monday, April 6, 2009

Make Sure To Eat Your Matzoh!

When I was younger, I use to eat a matzoh everyday for lunch. I never topped it with anything or got any of the flavored varieties, I just ate it plain and I loved it. Unfortunately, once I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease I had to say goodbye for a time to eating matzohs.

Recently, I found out about a gluten free oat matzoh made by Lakewood Matzoh. These are a great alternative choice for those of you who miss having your matzohs for Passover. Lakewood Matzoh uses gluten free oats that are grown, cleaned, and ground in a completely gluten free environment. These oats also received orthodox rabbinical supervision at harvesting, de hulling, cleaning, and grinding. Therefore, Lakewood's Gluten Free Oat Matzohs are Kosher for Passover.

These matzohs cost $23 for a box of three round shmurah (handmade) matzohs. You may purchase them at their website at Lakewood Matzoh. The only ingredients that they contain are gluten free oat flour and water.

Zissen Pesach!

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