Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Curious For Those Cookies

Recently, I was shopping at Whole Foods and noticed a new package in the gluten free cookie section of the aisle. It was a brand called Curious Cookie. They had gluten free cookies available in 4 flavors.

The gluten free flavors that Curious Cookie produces are:
*Chocolate Chocolate Chip
*Lemon Chocolate Chip

*Ginger Cranberry
*Chocolate Chip [The Flavor I purchased]

Their cookies are not only
gluten free but lactose and casein free, as well as, being very low in cholesterol. The gluten free flour used to make these cookies is a combination of all natural rice flour with all natural soy flour and all natural tapioca flour along with a hint of xanthan gum.

Currently, you may purchase these cookies at their website
www.curiouscookie.com or visit their retail location in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. The cookies are also available at Whole Foods Markets.

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