Thursday, April 2, 2009

Be Kind!

Another one of my favorite gluten free nutrition bars besides Balance Bars, are KIND bars! These healthy bars are composed of fruit and nuts. There are two basic types: Kind Fruit & Nut Bar and Kind Plus Bar.

The Kind Fruit & Nut Bar is available in the following gluten free flavors:
*Macadamia & Apricot
*Almonds & Apricots In Yogurt
*Fruit & Nut Delight
*Almond & Apricot
*Nut Delight
*Fruits & Nuts In Yogurt [A FAVORITE OF MINE]
*Almond & Coconut
*Sesame & Peanuts with Chocolate [A FAVORITE OF MINE]
*Walnut & Date

The Kind Plus Bar is available in the gluten free flavors listed below:
*Almond & Cashew
*Almond, Walnut & Macadamia
*Cranberry & Almond
*Mango Macadamia
*Passion Fruit Macadamia
*Strawberry Nut Delight

KIND bars are available at Duane Reade, the Food Emporium, Whole Foods Market, and other select retailers in NYC. For information on where to buy KIND bars near you, visit their website at KIND bars are also available at Ms.Celiac's Market.

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