Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gluten Free Is The Best Medicine

When you're feeling sick and need to take medicine, it can be difficult and tiresome to try to figure out which medications are gluten free and which are not. So, it is best to have a list on hand of gluten free medications before you get sick.

Gluten Free Drugs is a great website that is constantly updating its list of the latest gluten free over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

One thing that you need to make sure of is when you are taking a generic medication. Just because the mainstream brand is gluten free, it does not mean the generic will be as well. So, be sure to call the company to find out the gluten free status.

The gluten free meds that I never leave home without are Tylenol, Advil, Mylanta, and Benadryl. Although, I rarely take them, I always make sure to have them in my pillbox.

So, to find out the status of an over-the-counter and/or prescription medication, visit Gluten Free Drugs at

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