Friday, April 10, 2009

Crazy For Cadbury and That Perfect Peep

Oh, that controversial egg...

I literally went into a panic when I was reading the ingredients to my Cadbury Creme egg and noticed the word "wheat" clearly stated on the packaging. How could my absolute favorite candy in the world contain gluten?! I was strongly considering ignoring that I had seen those words and continuing eating the egg. However, after I had a nightmare about eating gluten that same night, I decided that I better look into its gluten free status.

It turns out Cadbury Creme Eggs do contain an ingredient called glucose syrup which can sometimes be derived from wheat. However, glucose syrup derived from wheat is actually considered to be gluten free. In the UK, Cadbury states on its website that the Cadbury Creme Eggs are gluten free. In the United States, however, Hershey's manufactures Cadbury products and will not state the gluten status of the Cadbury Creme Eggs even though the ingredients are supposedly the same for the UK and the US egg.

I have lived on Cadbury Creme eggs and never have had a bad reaction. I have also discussed this with my doctor and several nutritionists who all assured me that it was safe to eat this product. However, it is your choice to make. To learn more about why wheat-derived glucose syrup is considered gluten free, check out this article at the Sure Foods Living website.

And for more information regarding Cadbury products, visit their website at

Another delicious gluten free Easter-time candy are Just Born's Marshmallow Peeps. Nowadays, Peeps are available in a variety of colors and shapes. For Spring, you can get Tulips (Yellow), Chicks (Yellow, Pink, Lavender, Blue, Green, and Orange), and Bunnies (Yellow, Pink, Lavender, Blue, and Green). The yellow chick is also available sugar-free.

My personal favorite is the original yellow chick. For some reason, it just tastes the best!

For more information on marshmallow peeps, you can visit their website at

Both Cadbury Creme Eggs and Just Born Marshmallow Peeps are available for sale at Ms. Celiac's Market!

Have a Happy Easter!

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