Friday, September 11, 2009

The Fifth Season

Last week, I dined at a restaurant called the Fifth Season in Port Jefferson on Long Island. I had been meaning to visit since I heard they marked menu items "gf" for gluten free!

For one on a gluten free diet, there are quite a few options at the Fifth Season. I enjoyed the "Housemade Cavatelli" dish without the housemade berkshire pork sausage (although that is gluten free).

My gluten free pasta dish (photographed on the right) included spinach, garlic, crushed red pepper, pecorino roman cheese, and white wine pan sauce with gluten free brown rice pasta. It was delicious! The gluten free pasta is by Trader Joe's.

Other gluten free dishes include:

*Seasonal Vegetarian Soup
*Maine Lobster Bisque
*Maine Lobster Cocktail

*Organic Field Greens

*Grilled Point Judith Calamari

*Chopped Seafood Cobb Salad

*Frittata with Housemade Berkshire Pork Sausage, Pecorino Romano Cheese & Heirloom Tomato

*Housemade Cavatelli with Housemade Berkshire Pork Sausage, Spinach, Garlic, Crushed Red Pepper, Pecorino Roman Cheese, White Wine Pan Sauce with Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta

*Housemade Sweet Corn Ravioli with Ragout of Long Island Corn, Braised Leeks and Tomatoes and Micro Basil with Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta

*Roasted Organic Frenched Chicken Breast

*Steak Frites

*Oven Roasted Filet Mignon



The restaurant is located at 34 East Broadway in Port Jefferson, New York. It is open for Brunch and Dinner on the weekends and for Lunch and Dinner during the week.

For more information, please visit them at

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