Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Even More Baking!

It seems like I am constantly discovering companies that produce delicious gluten free baking mixes!

One such company is Little Bay Baking based in New Hampshire.

They sell a variety of mixes including:

*Pumpkin Bread Mix

*Sponge Cake Mix
*Corn Bread Mix
*Yellow Cake Mix
*Waffle & Donut Hole Mix

*Gingerbread Cookie Mix
*Cookie Bar Mix

*All Purpose Breakfast Mix

They also sell a Gluten Free Cooking From Scratch DVD. You can watch the promotional video here:

Gluten Free Cooking From Scratch Promo

To order their products, you can purchase them on their website at www.littlebaybaking.com (over $30 gets free shipping) or at a variety of health food stores in the New England region.

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