Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mozzarelli Madness!!!

I've been wanting to feature this pizzeria since I started the blog but I've been patiently waiting as every time I go back they have a new gluten free product and are continuously expanding.

Yesterday, I went back to grab dinner and the storefront had been transformed into a gluten free paradise. Not only do they serve gluten free pizza but they have a variety of pizzas that you can buy by the slice (!!!) and you can choose from several different toppings. The tasty crust is made from a secret recipe of brown rice and beans.

In addition to pizzas, they serve a selection of gluten free pastas including baked ziti, penne vodka, basil pesto, penne alfredo, and penne goat cheese primavera. Recently, they also started to make a variety of delicious gluten free wraps including a turkey wrap that I love.

For dessert, not only do they have a variety of gluten free cake slices and cupcakes, but they also have a huge assortment of gluten free cookies (including flavors such as raspberry white chocolate, oreo, and banana sundae).

Mozzarelli's is now open 7 days a week and is located at 38 East 23rd Street between Park Avenue South and Madison Ave.

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  1. I already figured out that NY is THE place to live when it comes to choice for dining out GF.

    But this Pizza makes me want to visit sooner than later.