Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Gluten Free Has Never Tasted So Good"

Most brands have some sort of slogan, but Kinnikinnick Foods Inc. "Gluten Free Has Never Tasted So Good," is one you can believe!

Kinnikinnick makes a wide assortment of delicious gluten free products. From breads to baking mixes to bagels to donuts to cookies. I have never tried a product by this brand that I didn't enjoy! I must add that their donuts are to die for and are the best donuts I've had gluten free or not and they are even dairy free too!

If you are in Edmonton, Canada then you are very lucky as you can check out their retail store which is entirely gluten free with over 200 items. You can also order special event cakes and wedding cakes here if you are in the area. However, if you are not in Canada, there products are available at many health food stores throughout the United States or you can order them online at their website

In addition, to being gluten free most of their products are dairy free as well. Below I will provide a list of their gluten free products with a special note if the product contains dairy.

Breads -

White Sandwich Bread
Brown Sandwich Bread
Cheese Tapioca Rice Bread (CONTAINS DAIRY)
Italian White Tapioca Rice Bread
Many Wonder Multigrain Rice Bread
Raisin Tapioca Rice Bread
Robins Honey Brown Rice Bread
Sunflower Flax Rice Bread
Tapioca Rice Bread
True Fibre Multigrain Rice Bread

Yeast Free Breads -

Candadi Yeast Free Multigrain Rice Bread
Yeast Free Tapioca Bread

Buns -

Tapioca Rice English Muffins
Tapioca Rice Hamburger Buns
Tapioca Rice Hot Dog Buns
Tapioca Rice Multigrain Seed and Fibre Buns
Tapioca Rice Tray Buns
Tapioca Rice Hot Cross Buns

Mixes -

Kinni-Kwik Bread & Bun Mix
Pancakes & Waffle Mix
All Purpose Mix
Angel Food Cake Mix
Candadi Yeast Free Rice Bread Mix
Chocolate Cake Mix
Cookie Mix
Cornbread and Muffin Mix
Muffin Mix
Kinni-Kwik Sunflower Flax Bread & Bun Mix
Pastry & Pie Crust Mix
Pizza Crust Mix
Sponge Cake Mix
Tapioca Rice Bread Mix
White Cake Mix

Breakfast Items -

Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Homestyle Waffles
Original Homestyle Waffles
KinniKrisp Rice Cereal

Baking Products -

Bread Cubes
Chocolate Cookie Crumbs
Bread Crumbs
Graham Style Cracker Crumbs
KinnActive Baking Powder
All Purpose Celiac Flour
Easy White Fiber Mix
Pea Hull Fibre
Corn Meal
Guar Gum
Potato Starch
Rice Bran
Soya Flour
Sweet Rice Flour
Tapioca Starch
Xanthan Gum
White Rice Flour
Corn Starch
Brown Rice Flour
Icing Sugar
Corn Flour

Bagels -

Tapioca Rice Cinnamon Raisin Bagels
Tapioca Rice New York Style Plain Bagels
Tapioca Rice Sesame Bagels

Cookies -

S'moreables Graham Style Crackers
KinniKritters Animal Cookies (A FAVORITE OF MINE)
KinniToos Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich Cookies
KinniToos Vanilla Sandwich Creme Cookies
Ginger Snap Cookies
Montana's Chocolate Chip Cookies (A FAVORITE OF MINE)
Double Chocolate Almond Cookies
Lemon Cranberry Cookies
Almond Biscotti
Chocolate Covered Almond Biscotti (CONTAINS DAIRY)
KinniBetik Chunky Chocolate Cookies (CONTAINS DAIRY)

Desserts -

JB Brownie Squares
Tapioca Rice Cinnamon Buns

Donuts -

Chocolate Dipped Donuts (A FAVORITE OF MINE)
Cinnamon Sugar Donuts
Maple Glazed Donuts
Vanilla Glazed Donuts (A FAVORITE OF MINE)
Glazed Chocolate Donuts

Muffins -

Blueberry Muffins
Carot Muffins
Chocolate Chip Muffins

Pizza -

Pizza Crust - 10 inch
Pizza Crust - 7 inch

All of these products are available at and the Montana's Chocolate Chip Cookies are available at Ms. Celiac's Market.

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