Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Monthly Round-Up!

Let's start off this "Monthly Round-Up" with the winners of our Mi-Del Giveaway and the product they are most likely to purchase with their prize...

  • Shelley Orenstein - Gingersnap Cookies
  • Janice Wei - Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
  • Cara Goedecke - Chocolate Caramel or S'more Cookies
Congratulations to the 3 winners!  You will each be receiving a free product coupon from Mi-Del!

This past month, the Gluten Free Food Labeling Summit took place in Washington, D.C.  To check out photos from the meeting along with the photo of the world's largest gluten free cake, click here:  World's Largest Gluten Free Cake

However, there is still more work to be done in order to make gluten free food labeling a reality!  Here are some things you can do...
For more information, visit or visit the link in the upper right hand corner of this webpage.

We shared with you 2 great gluten free recipes this month including:
We also shared with you some great new gluten free products including:
In addition to all of the great products and recipes, we told you about Ms. Michelle who hosted a gluten free "Brew & Chew" at The Cortland in Bay Shore, New York and who also last weekend opened her own store in Bayport, New York called Ms. Michelle's Urban Gourmet.  For more information, check out her Facebook page.

I've also told you about a delicious gluten free bakery in Huntington, New York called Wild Flours Bake Shop!  I really recommend you check it out soon!

And if you are in the NYC area, you should check out Crespella which serves gluten free crepes and is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn!  Read more here:

As for this month, we have several more great gluten free products to share with you along with some delicious gluten free summertime recipes!  Next month, we will be sharing with you some great restaurants and bakeries in San Francisco that cater to a gluten free audience! 

One last thing...if you are looking to save money on some delicious gluten free products (and who isn't?) then I strongly recommend you sign up for Gluten Free Deals!  Each week they feature a different gluten free product with discounts from 50% - 70% off!  They will also be launching local Gluten Free Deals in select cities such as Austin, Chicago, and New York.  Sign-up now by clicking here:  Gluten Free Deals

Enjoy the month of June!


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