Monday, June 6, 2011


I recently received a package from GoPicnic, a company that produces ready-to-eat meals.

They cater to those on special diets including gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and kosher diets.

Their current list of gluten free options includes:

  • Hummus and Crackers
  • Steak Nuggets and Cheese
  • Turkey Stick and Crunch
  • Tuna and Crackers
  • Turkey Pepperoni and Cheese
  • Parmesan Peppercorn Cheese Spread
  • Asiago Cheese Spread
  • St. Dalfour Wild Salmon with Vegetables
  • St. Dalfour Three Beans with Sweetcorn
They also put together a variety of care packages which are great to send someone on a gluten free diet.  These care packages include the themes:  Kids Fun Food, Endurance, and Energy Boost.

I was sent a package that included:
  • St. Dalfour Three Beans Sweetcorn
  • GoPicnic Turkey Stick and Crunch
  • Tasty Brand Organic Fruit Snacks
  • Cinnabon Cinnamon Almonds
  • Annie's Gluten Free Bunny Cookies (Cocoa & Vanilla)
  • Joseph Banks Original Sea Salt Cassava Root Vegetable Chips
I was previously unfamiliar with the Joseph Banks brand of cassava chips but they turned out to be delicious!  I also loved the Tasty Brand organic fruit snacks!  However, everything was quite good!

For more information, please visit their site at or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. these cinnabon cinnamon almonds do not say gluten free on them, do we know for sure they are? they do say they share equipment with wheat products

  2. This was a "gluten free" care package that I was sent from GoPicnic.

    Although, the Cinnabon Cinnamon almonds are not labeled "gluten free," they do not list any ingredients that contain gluten. The ingredients are: Almonds, Sugar, and Cinnamon.

    I have contacted the company for more information and will post here when I receive a response.

  3. The company states that "they do not contain gluten" and that "there are numerous steps/procedures in place to avoid cross contamination." However, the facility is not certified gluten free because other products that contain gluten are made there.