Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Too Good To Be True?

If you have Celiac Disease and only have the option of traveling to one place in your lifetime, Italy should be on the top of that list. Italy is every Celiac's dream! Almost every restaurant serves gluten free pasta and most of them have some sort of gluten free bread and/or cracker too. And the gluten free cuisine in Italy is so much better than that anywhere else in the world!

While in Venice, I had these delicious dinner rolls at my hotel. They tasted so real that I had to be assured several times that they were indeed gluten free or "senza glutine."

So, of course I begged the hotel staff to tell me where they got them. They finally revealed to me that they were from a local bakery on the Giudecca. The bakery is called, Crosara Claudio.

I must have enjoyed these gluten free dinner rolls at least 3 times a day while in Venice. The first day I arrived at the hotel they even prepared me a delicious bruschetta using these rolls (see photograph). And to my surprise, the day I left they allowed me to take as many rolls as I could fit into my suitcase!

When I write about gluten free food that is amazing on a regular basis, it may be pretty great, but nothing compares to these rolls! They are...simply the best!

Crosaro Claudio
Panifici e Pasticceria
"L'Arte del Pane"
Giudecca, 655
Venezia, Italia
tel. #: 041.5206737

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