Monday, February 2, 2009

Bring It On, Bistango!

This weekend, I got to experience a great Italian restaurant called Bistango on the corner of third avenue and 29th street. I was in amazement when I learned that absolutely every item on their menu, with the exception of the ravioli, can be prepared using gluten free ingredients!

To start they have some fantastic gluten free bread that they bring to the table. I included a photograph of this to the right. Also, served with every entree is a choice of either salad with gluten free dressing or a gluten free soup. I chose the salad. It was amazing and so nice to not have to eat a dry salad!

For my entree, I tried both the tomato and cheese pizza with an excellent crust from the Still Riding Pizza Company and a delicious gluten free penne pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, and broccoli in a pink sauce!

The chocolate torte with a mocha glaze that I enjoyed for dessert was also absolutely delectable. I included a photograph below. And there were several other gluten free dessert options as well including an apple pie, a pear torte, etc.

So, if you are feeling hungry and want a hearty Italian meal at a nice neighborhood restaurant, then be sure to check out Bistango!

415 Third Avenue

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