Thursday, February 19, 2009

Take Me to Milan

Although Milan is know for fashion, it also is the home of some excellent gluten free cuisine. Two of my favorite restaurants while staying in Milan were Acanto and Da Giacomo.

Acanto is a restaurant at the luxury 5 star Hotel Principe di Savoia. The restaurants features a menu of classic Italian cuisine for both lunch and dinner. They make several delicious gluten free pasta dishes (see photo).

Another great restaurant in Milan that serves Tuscan cuisine is the Ristorante Da Giacomo. It also offers both lunch and dinner and is known for its amazing seafood. They have gluten free pasta and will serve a selection of gluten free crackers to their Celiac diners. Da Giacomo is a favorite of the fashion-industry set.

For more information:

Hotel Prinicipe di Savoia
Piazza della Repubblica 17
Milan, Italy

Ristorante Da Giacomo
Via Benvenuto Cellini
Milan, Italy
+39 2 7602 3313

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