Friday, February 20, 2009

Hotel Cipriani is a Celiac Heaven!

The best gluten free experience I have ever had in my life was at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice, Italy. The hotel staff are very aware of Celiac Disease and the importance of maintaining a gluten free diet. They also serve the best gluten free food, I have ever eaten.

The hotel is located on the Giudecca and features 3 restaurants. The formal restaurant, Fortuny Restaurant and Terrace is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in nice weather it makes for a beautiful setting (see photo). For a gluten free breakfast you can choose from an assortment of fruit, gluten free rolls, eggs, smoked salmon, sauteed sole, and cold meats. For lunch and dinner, my favorite selections were the sliced raw tuna flavored with black pepper, ginger, and served with a seasonal salad seasoned with balsamic vinaigrette, a crispy breast of duck with honey and figs flavored with cinnamon and balsamic sauce, pasta with rucola, cherry tomatoes, and smoked ricotta cheese, pasta with freshly chopped tomatoes marin
ated with basil and black olives, and pasta with pesto sauce (see photo below).

Another more casual restaurant at the hotel is called Cip's Club. They also serve an amazing selection of gluten free pastas. And if you are spending the day at the pool, you should also check out the Pool Snack Bar which serves a variety of gluten free snacks including an amazing bruschetta (featured in Tuesday's post).

Hotel Cipriani uses BiAglut pasta and gets their rolls from Crosara Claudio.

For more information, please visit:

Hotel Cipriani
Giudecca 10
30133 Venice, Italy
+39 041 520 7744

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  1. Great site! I have been scared about going back to Italy since going GF, but it looks like I won't have any major issues!