Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snack On Some S'mores

As you watch today's US Presidential inauguration ceremony, why not make yourself a delicious snack?

Below I provide a recipe for a Gluten Free and Dairy Free S'more.

All you need are gluten free graham crackers, gluten free chocolate, and gluten free marshmallows.

Below I list the brands I use to make this tasty treat:

Sunspire Natural Chocolates Tropical Source Chocolate Bar
(I recommend either the Dark Chocolate Bar or the Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar)

Josef's Gluten Free Graham Crackers - Vanilla

Just Born Marshmallow Peeps

The first 2 ingredients (chocolate and graham crackers) can be found at a large selection of health food stores. While the 3rd ingredient (marshmallow peeps) is available at most grocery stores.

Once you've collected all of the ingredients, take 1 graham cracker and lay it flat on a plate. Then break off 1 square of chocolate and place it on the graham cracker. Next take 1 peep and place on top of the chocolate square. Finally, place another graham cracker on top of the peep. Now, microwave until warm.

Just a word of warning - the peep will expand significantly as microwaved so make sure to watch and stop occasionally as it is heating to re-position the graham cracker on top of the peep.

Now once your Gluten Free and Dairy Free S'more is made - Enjoy!

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