Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Balthazar Does It Better

So, I had planned to discuss one of my favorite restaurants today but after dining last night at Balthazar Restaurant in NYC's SoHo neighborhood, I knew I had to write about my experience.

Now, I've been to this restaurant several times before and they have always been very accommodating to my diet but last night I was even more impressed than usual. Normally, after I notify the server of my restricted diet, I have the option of choosing from a selection of fish or meats. It is a very large selection so I can get some variety, but last night I felt like something different. I didn't really feel like a protein based dish. I wanted some carbs!

To my surprise, the Shrimp Risotto with celery root and rosemary is gluten free! It is available to order in an appetizer portion and a regular-sized portion. I had the appetizer size and it was definitely enough - very filling. It was one of the best risotto dishes I have had!

So, if you're in the area you might want to check out Balthazar Restaurant, a traditional french bistro.

Balthazar Restaurant
80 Spring St. (btw. Broadway and Crosby)

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