Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let Them Eat (Cup)cake!

As I was walking around the neighborhood, I noticed a sidewalk sign that read, "Gluten Free Cupcakes." My eyes were immediately drawn to it and I soon found myself entering Pinisi bakery.

Their gluten free offerings consist of brownies and cupcakes. The cupcakes are not always available so I would recommend calling before stopping by (212-614-9079), however, they are sure worth the wait.

I've had many gluten free cupcakes and these are truly the best I've ever had! One of my favorites of their cupcake variety has a moist chocolate cake with the most delicious icing cream ever that seems to have a hint of marshmallow in it.

The brownies are also unlike any other gluten free brownie out there. Sure, there are many gluten free brownies already on the market that taste like the real thing but these are more like chocolate-y fudge!

Be sure to stop by Pinisi, a gluten free jewel located in the heart of the East Village.


128 East 4th Street

New York, NY 10003

Ph: 212-614-9079


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