Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Try Some Celiac Specialties!

Celiac Specialties is a 100% gluten free and now nut free bakery located in Michigan. They sell a variety of delicious products ranging from breads to brownies to cookies to donuts. In addition to being gluten free, some of their products are casein free.

And if you don't live near Michigan, Celiac Specialties Gluten Free Bakery products are available at retail locations in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. You may also order their products online at www.celiacspecialtiesshop.com.

The current product listing includes:

Breads -
*White Sandwich Bread
*Onion Poppy Bread
*Cinnamon Raisin Bread
*Cheddar Herb Bread
*Flaxseed Bread
*Navy Bean Bread
*Multigrain Bread (contains Gluten Free oats)
*Mock Rye Bread
*Sub Bun
*Hot Dog Buns
*Hamburger Buns
*Dinner Rolls

Crumbs and Croutons -
*Seasoned Bread Crumbs
*Graham Cracker Crumbs
*Complete Stuffing Mix

Dry Mixes, Flour, and Oats:
*Buttermilk Pancake Mix
*Plain Pancake Mix
*Flaxseed Pancake Mix
*Muffin Mix
*Corn Bread Mix
*Xanthan Gum
*Expandex (Modified Tapioca Starch)
*Navy Bean Flour
*Gluten Free Flour Blend
*Gluten Free Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
*Brownie Mix

Frosting -

Brownies, Cakes, and Cupcakes -
*Chocolate Coated Brownies
*Brownie Tray
*Chocolate Cupcakes
*Vanilla Cupcakes
*Pumpkin Cake
*Angel Food Cake
*Double Layer Cake
*Angel Wings
*Pumpkin Muffins

Mini Muffins -
*Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
*Lemon Poppy Muffins

Breakfast Items -
*Cinnamon Rolls
*English Muffins

Strudel -
*Baked Blueberry Strudel
*Baked Apple Strudel
*Baked Cherry Strudel

Donuts -
*Glazed Donuts
*Plain Donuts
*Cinnamon Sugar Donuts
*Powder Sugar Donuts
*Coconut Donuts
*Double Chocolate Donuts

Cookies -
*Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
*Chocolate Chip Cookies
*Sugar Cookies

Gummies -
*Gummy Worms
*Sour Gummy Worms
*Gummy Bears
*Red Raspberry Gummies
*Blue Raspberry Gummies
*Butterfly Gummies

Pies -
*Sawdust Pie
*Blueberry Pie
*Apple Pie
*Cherry Pie
*Pie Crust (unbaked)

Pizza Shells -
*Pizza Crust 6''
*Pizza Crust 10''

Shipping is available to all 50 states and parts of Canada.

For more information, please visit their website at www.celiacspecialties.com or visit them at:

Celiac Specialties

48411 Jefferson Ave.
Chesterfield Township, Michigan 48047

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - 8 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - 7 AM to 2:30 PM
Saturday - 7 AM to 4 PM
Sunday & Monday - Closed

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