Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get Some Ener-G!

Ener-G Foods is a brand of gluten free products that have been around for quite some time. I'm sure everyone is familiar with seeing them at their local health food store! In addition to offering a wide selection of gluten free and dairy free products they also offer an assortment of products for those on low protein diets!

In addition to the above, Ener-G Foods' products are also free of peanuts, tree nuts and are kosher certified. Their bakery is completely dedicated to gluten free baking!

Their current product list includes:

Bread Products -

*Tapioca Loaf - Thin Sliced
*White Rice Flax Loaf
*Hi-Fiber Loaf
*Seattle Brown Loaf
*Yeast Free Sweet Loaf
*Light Brown Rice Loaf
*Light White Rice Flax Loaf
*Brown Rice Loaf
*Egg-Free Raisin Loaf
*Papas Loaf
*Four Flour Loaf
*Yeast-Free Brown Rice Loaf
*Light White Rice Loaf
*Corn Loaf
*White Rice Loaf
*Raisin Loaf w/ Eggs (soy free)
*Rice Starch Loaf
*Regular Sliced Tapioca Loaf
*Yeast-Free White Rice Loaf
*Light Tapioca Loaf
*Bread Crumbs
*Broken Melba Toast
*Communion Wafers (soy free)
*Plain Croutons

Cookies -

*Sunflower Cookies
*Chocolate Cookies
*Vanilla Cookies
*Chocolate Chip Potato Cookies
*Cinnamon Cookies
*White Chocolate Chip Cookies
*Chocolate Chip Biscotti
*Ginger Cookies

Cakes & Pastries -

*Plain Doughnuts
*Brown Rice English Muffins with Flax
*Cinnamon Rolls
*Poundcake (soy free)
*Plain Doughnut Holes
*English Muffins (soy free)

Buns, Rolls, & Pizza Shells -

*Brown Rice Hamburger Buns
*Tapioca Hamburger Buns
*Tapioca Hot Dog Buns
*Yeast Free Rice Pizza Shells - 10''
*Yeast Free Rice Pizza Shells - 6''
*Seattle Brown Hamburger Buns
*White Rice Hamburger Buns
*English Muffins (soy free)
*Brown Rice English Muffins with Flax
*Tapioca Dinner Rolls
*Seattle Brown Hot Dog Buns
*10'' Rice Pizza Shells
*6'' Rice Pizza Shells

Crackers & Snacks -

*Wylde Pretzels (A FAVORITE OF MINE)
*Wylde Sesame Pretzels
*Wylde Poppy Seed Pretzels
*Ener-G Crip Pretzels
*Ener-G Sesame Pretzel Rings
*Ener-G Gourmet Crackers
*Gourmet Onion Crackers
*Cinnamon Crackers
*Seattle Crackers
*Chocolate Chip Snack Bars

White Rice Pasta -

*White Rice Lasagna
*White Rice Macaroni
*White Rice Spaghetti
*White Rice Vermicelli
*White Rice Small Shells

Milk & Egg Substitutes -

*Egg Replacer

Cereals -

*Rice Bran

Flours -

*Brown Rice Flour
*Tapioca Flour
*Gluten Free Gourmet Blend
*Potato Starch Flour
*Sweet Rice Flour
*White Rice Flour
*Potato Flour

Baking Ingredients & Mixes -

*Baking Powder
*Corn Mix
*Xanthan Gum
*Calcium Carbonate (Baking Soda Substitute)
*Potato Mix
*Chocolate Chips
*Rice Mix

Soups & Sample Kits

*Cream of Mushroom Soup (not for dairy/casein free diets)
*Bread Sampler
*Gluten Free Sample Kit / Gift Pack

Ener-G Foods are available in the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America, and Asia and at most health food stores! You may also purchase their products at Ms. Celiac's Market.

For more information, visit their website at!

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