Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dirt Candy!

Recently, I was finally able to get a reservation at Dirt Candy, a vegetarian restaurant located on Manhattan's Lower East Side.  The entire menu is vegetarian with many vegan and gluten free options.

I notified the waitress that I was gluten free upon being seated and they quickly brought out a plate of gluten free crackers for me to enjoy while waiting for my meal.

For dinner, I ordered several plates (they recommend ordering 4-7 dishes for a table of 2).  The first dish I tried was the "Mushroom."  This included portobello mousse with sauteed asian pears, cherries, and truffle toast.  Next, I had the curried fries.  And finally, I had the "Cauliflower" which included Cauliflower dumplings (made out of corn starch and cauliflower).

Overall, the dishes were inventive and satisfying and the presentation was amazing.  For more information, please visit

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