Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's Host A Gluten Free Super Bowl Party!

The Super Bowl is going to be coming up soon - Sunday, February 6th - and perhaps, you are hosting a party or maybe you're just going to one?  Either way, it is traditionally a game watched while consuming tons of food.

You may have decided that you'll just make food that you cannot eat for your guests or if you're going somewhere, plan to eat beforehand.

Well, this year you don't have to do that.

I will tell you some easy steps on how to host your own exclusively Gluten Free Super Bowl party that even those on a regular diet will enjoy!  Or if you are attending someone else's party, you can just bring with you one or more of these items.


  • Tostitos All Natural Chunky Salsa (serve with tortilla chips)
  • Tribe Hummus (serve with fresh veggies)


Now, for those of you that are more adventurous and want to make some delicious snacks, here are some great gluten free recipes from an assortment of excellent gluten free bloggers that you should check out:

The above gluten free items can be found at most major supermarket chains along with select health food stores.  You may also want to check out Ms. Celiac's Market's Super Bowl section for additional items.

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  1. Thanks for the snack ideas! Another idea that worked great for friends who are still following their New Year's Diets was stuffed avocado halves. I have more pics and ideas on my blog.