Monday, August 10, 2009

Gluten Free iPhone?

Today is directed at all of you who currently have an iPhone or are looking for a reason to purchase one. Yesterday, I was checking out the Application Store at iTunes and came across several gluten free applications. There were 2, in particular, that I thought seemed great!

Is That Gluten Free? was released on July 29, 2009 and retails for $5.99. It features over 13,500 verified Gluten Free products from over 300 brands. You can search for gluten free items by category, brand, or product name. Even better is that there are frequent free updates with new products and brands and a one-touch link to the company's website to find out more information on the product.

The other application that I love is Gluten Freed - A Gluten Free Dining Guide. This application was released on May 09, 2009 and is FREE. Your iPhone will locate where you are and this application will provide you with a list of the nearest gluten free restaurants around you. The following photograph shows you an example of what you will see on the screen when you click to find the nearest gluten free restaurants.

So, be sure to check out these applications on your iPhone!

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  1. Gluten free cupcakes are available at Whole Foods!
    They come in packages of four and come in all chocolate or all vanilla! They look delicious!