Monday, February 21, 2011

Travel Time!

Traveling on a gluten free diet can be extremely difficult!  Add to that traveling to a country in which there is a language barrier.  At times, it can be close to impossible to eat out safely on a gluten free diet.

However,, makes the travel experience easier.  You can search for Gluten Free Restaurants, Resorts, Hotels, Cruises, Grocery Stores, and Colleges by city or zip code or you can click on one of the 9 regions listed (United States, Canada, Europe, Caribbean, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Islands, and Middle East) and search for a specific location within that region.

If you want to contribute to the site, you can do that too by submitting your own review!  Every month, the reviewer of the most useful and detailed review is featured in the "Featured Review of the Month" section. The winner will receive 4 Triumph Dining Restaurant Dining Cards including American, Chinese, Italian, and Mexican Cuisines.

There is also a section of the site that is dedicated to posting gluten-free restaurant menus for you to browse through plus there is a section filled with an assortment of gluten free travel resources including United States -based and Global Celiac Associations, Travel Agencies, Hotels, Restaurants Guides, etc.

I would also recommend browsing through the site to discover new gluten free restaurants and stores near where you live.  I discovered quite a few places I had never heard of nearby!

So, visit!

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