Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's Go Shopping at Ms. Celiac's Market!

I created Ms. Celiac's Market through Amazon Marketplace in February 2009 soon after starting up this site in January 2009.  From the advice and feedback received, Ms. Celiac's Market has undergone many changes since that time.

This weekend, Ms. Celiac's Market has completely re-invented and re-stocked!  We still, of course, carry all of your favorite and our best-selling items but we have got rid of all of the items we felt to be anything less than the gluten free ideal in its category.  We've also added several new brands of products!  So, please check out the new and improved marketplace:  Ms. Celiac's Market

And as always, I appreciate any of your feedback!

Ms. Celiac's Market divides its products into 8 categories including:
  • Baking Ingredients and Mixes
  • Breads and Pasta
  • Cakes, Cookies, and Sweets
  • Cereal, Granola, and Rice Cakes
  • Chips, Crackers, and Trail Mix
  • Drinks
  • Nutrition Bars
  • Sauces, Seasonings, and Spreads
We currently carry the following brands
  • Bakery on Main
  • Betty Crocker
  • Blue Diamond
  • Bob's Red Mill
  • Celestial Seasonings
  • Cherrybrook Kitchen
  • Conte's Pasta
  • Dowd and Rogers
  • Ener-G Foods
  • Enjoy Life
  • EnviroKidz
  • General Mills
  • Gillian's Foods
  • Glaceau
  • Glenny's 
  • Glutino
  • KIND Bars
  • Kinnikinnick
  • Lundberg
  • Mrs. May's
  • Nielsen-Massey
  • Nogii Bars
  • NOW Bars
  • Pamela's Products
  • Pirate's Booty
  • Pocono Foods
  • Rao's
  • Schar
  • Silk
  • Simply Organic
  • Skippy's
  • thinkThin Bars
  • Tinkyada Pasta
  • Wellaby's
Ms. Celiac's Market will constantly be updating as we discover new and better products!  So make sure to check us out often!

Some gluten free products we definitely recommend you check out immediately include:

Enjoy and happy shopping!


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