Monday, October 18, 2010

A Must Buy!

For all of you with Celiac Disease or for those of you who know someone with Celiac Disease, Triumph Dining's The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide 5th Edition is an absolute must buy!

This book includes over 6,500 restaurants which is over 1,500 more than in the 4th edition.  Even better is that over 2,800 of the restaurants listed have gluten-free menus or gluten-free specialty items.  In this new 5th edition, they have also added over 40 chain menus so that the book now includes over 120 gluten-free lists and menus from chain restaurants throughout the United States!

Triumph Dining has managed to find gluten free restaurants in all 50 states and in cities and towns both large and small!

This is the perfect guide to bring with you on vacation and is even great to you use in your own town.  I was certain that I knew every gluten free restaurant in my neighborhood, but to my surprise there were several places just around the corner that I never even knew existed!

So, no matter if you were just diagnosed with Celiac Disease or you were diagnosed many years ago, this book makes for an excellent purchase and is almost certain to lead you to find some new gluten free restaurants!  

To purchase, please just click on ad and follow the easy-to-order instructions!

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  1. Thanks for posting. It's an incredible guide!