Friday, August 20, 2010

Purely American

Purely American owns several different food brands many of which produce gluten free products.  Both their Urban Pantry Essentials line and their Farmstand Soup Co. line create quick, easy, and healthy gluten-free meal options.  I was recently sent a package containing both the Urban Pantry Essentials Ohio Valley Homestead Midwest Blend and the Farmstand Soup Co.'s Yukon Gold Bean & Beef Stew Mix.

Urban Pantry Essentials' products are 100% USDA organic dried bean blends that are both low in fat and high in fiber.  Their varieties include:

  • *Ohio Valley Homestead Midwest Blend
  • *Cascade Valley Northwest Blend
  • *Mesa at Four Corners Southwest Blend
  • *Delta Blues Deep South Blend
  • *Up North Country Great Lakes Blend
  • *Town Square Social New England Blend

Farmstand Soup Co.'s products are 80 - 90% organic based and are salt free, contain no MSG, are high in fiber and Kosher certified.  Their varieties include:

  • *Harvest Moon 9 Bean Soup Mix
  • *Yukon Gold Bean & Beef Stew Mix
  • *Summer in the Garden Split Pea Soup Mix
  • *Five Pepper Medley Fireside Chili Mix
  • *Celebrate Spring Lentil & Sausage Stew Mix
  • *Summer BBQ Corn & Chicken Stew Mix

For more information and to purchase Purely American products, please visit their website at

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