Monday, October 19, 2009

Perhaps The Perfect Flour!

For those of you who have not tried Domata Living Flour, you are truly missing out! It is one of the few gluten free flours that makes products that taste as good as the real thing! In addition to being gluten free, this flour is also casein free and sugar free.

The products that they sell directly to customers include an All Purpose Gluten Free Casein Free Flour, a Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix, and a Gluten Free Casein Free Seasoned Flour.

Domata Living Flour also provides the flour for some of the following brands' gluten free products:

*Bella Monica
*Caesar's Pasta Company

*Conte's Pasta Company
*Delorio Frozen Dough Company

*Dutch Country Soft Pretzels
*JM Garret Food

*JHS Foods

*Nuovo Pasta Productions

For more information on Domata Living Flour, please check out their website at

1 comment:

  1. This is the first flour I purchased after I was diagnosed with celiac. It has been the only flour I have purchased since. We use about a bag every month and a half now. I can make home made cream gravy, or milk gravy as it is known in these areas. Just like my grandmother made but the only difference is, foods I prepare with this flour, don't make me sick any more!